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How it Works

Underpaying or failing to pay your taxes can quickly bring upon hefty penalties and interest, and the longer you go without paying, the more these penalties add up. The good news is if you did not set out to defraud the IRS, you have options. No option or process is one-size-fits-all, and you should contact us to find out which is best for your circumstance.

Offer in Compromise

A common tax settlement for Five Star Tax Resolution, this allows us to propose an alternative sum to cover your tax debt.

Installment Agreement

Perhaps you’d like to pay your tax debt, but you can’t do it in one lump sum. This tax resolution strategy involves spreading your debt out into smaller monthly payments.

Penalty Abatement

If you have legitimate reasons for being unable to pay your taxes on time and in full (such as a lengthy illness or fire destroying your home) a tax attorney can help prove this to the IRS. If your request is approved, the IRS will absolve any late fees related to your tax debt.

Other Tax Settlements

If you’ve already felt the drastic steps the IRS can take, your first step might be to appeal for removal of wage garnishment