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If you owe money to the to the IRS, we can help you, Five Star Tax has settled millions in back taxes.

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In the years we have been in business, we have helped the majority of the cases brought to us come to a resolution.

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Our expert tax attorney will help you.

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If you did not intend to defraud the IRS, you have options.

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Tax Services

Timely, accurate and affordable taxpreparation services.

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We’ve helped thousands of people. We’ll help you too.

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Thousands of Happy Clients

Yes, we have had thousands of happy clients. Here are a few testimonials from our past clients.

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in Los Angeles, Pasadena and throughout the U.S.

Five Star Tax Resolution takes pride in helping all kinds of clients throughout Los Angeles, Pasadena and the U.S. Our team of tax attorneys have extensive knowledge and experience. We offer clients the highest level of representation. We are always up to date with all the most recent rules, laws, and IRS tax codes. Our goal is to represent our clients thoroughly.

If you have received a CP-2000 letter from the IRS, it means they have reviewed your tax return. The IRS might have reason to believe you have underreported income on your tax return. When this happens, it is best to be represented by a professional. Our team will review your case and then negotiate the best possible settlement on your behalf with the IRS. The IRS information is not typically wrong, however, there may be offsetting proof in mitigation lacking.

When a potential discrepancy is found, the IRS will notify the taxpayer they are entitled to a larger return, or if they owe additional taxes. The end goal is to make sure our clients only pay what is necessary. Nothing more and nothing less. If you do happen to owe and find yourself unable to pay, one of our attorneys can help you set up a payment plan with the IRS.

Ignoring a CP-2000 notice is never the right thing to do. This will only make matters worse. Calling a debt-relief company is not a good solution either. The best way to handle this notice is to be upfront and honest from the start, then reaching out to a lawyer who can represent you the whole way through. Get in touch with us today so that we can begin working on a plan for you.

Successful Tax Resolutions

Juan Owed $20,000 To IRS:

Five Star Settled for
$500 Dollars


William Owed $60,000 to IRS:

Five Star Settled for
$4,500 Dollars


Rosa Owed $38,000 to IRS:

Five Star Settled for
$200 Dollars


Tax Attorneys

Regardless of your current issues with the IRS or the state taxing agency, Five Star Tax Resolution has the solution that will put you at ease—and prevent tax problems from ever happening again.