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“Great people. Patient in their time with me and effective in navigating thru complicated tax issues. I would recommend Five Star as your first step in dealing with your tax issues. The IRS is dealing with tax issues everyday, you’re doing it once or twice in a lifetime. Best to have a professional along side to help.”

“I am really pleased with Five Star Tax Resolution Inc. At the beginning, I was leery at because I had heard of tax relief companies charging a lot of money and then not delivering an acceptable agreement. Five Star Tax does charge a fee, but given the amount of work they do it is reasonable. Mark is the consultant I worked with directly and I found him to be very responsive when I had questions. Also, he educated me on the entire process and quoted accurate timeframes from beginning to end. I did talk to a few other employees there and was happy with the service that they provided as well. The IRS did accept the offer they proposed and it has been such a huge relief knowing that there is an end in sight. Thank you Five Star Tax and Mark for diligently working to come up with a reasonable payoff.”
— Tina M

“Five Star Tax Resolution, in my opinion, should be a ten (10) star. They got me out of a situation where I really don’t deserve to be in. The tax people or tax attorney who I went to before Five Star Tax Resolution did nothing but took my money and wasted my time. I am so glad I found Five Star Tax Resolution. Herb is an excellent attorney who is very knowledgeable and efficient and helped my tax of over $100,000 to a mere amount of $500.00! Mark is great too. I can’t say enough good things about this business. I would recommend any one to go to Five Star Tax Resolution with their tax problems. You won’t regret it.”
— Amy K

“I love this company. they helped me out tremendously From the first time I called they got right on it, stopped my garnishment. Compared to they other companies I called they were wonderful. None of that fast talking stuff. None of that when they quote you a price then changing it.”
— Shirley M