The tax consultants and IRS Tax Attorneys at Five Star Tax Resolution have years of experience in negotiating Offer in Compromise settlements. We provide tax relief services throughout the United States. Working with our tax lawyers and consultants substantially improves your Offer in Compromise process. Eliminate stress and uncertainty while getting the lowest settlement amount possible by working with Five Star Tax Resolution.

If you are struggling to pay your back taxes, you may qualify for an Offer in Compromise. This program may allow you to settle back taxes or IRS liability at a substantial discount on the basis of doubt of liability, collectability or effective tax administration.

Established by the Internal Revenue Service, the Offer in Compromise Program is a formal application to the IRS requesting that it accept less than full payment for what you owe in taxes, interest, and penalties. This out of court agreement negotiates your back taxes and places collection efforts on hold and prohibits the IRS from instituting any levies of your assets and wages.

While it is possible to submit an application yourself, many people complete the forms incorrectly, overstate their assets and income, and offer too much. IRS figures show that 75% of offers are returned immediately due to incorrect forms. Of the 25% that are processed, approximately 50% are rejected. This is why it’s important to work with an experienced tax attorney or consultant throughout your Offer in Compromise process.

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