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Successful Tax Resolutions

Juan Owed $20,000 To IRS:

Five Star Settled For $500 Dollars

William Owed $60,000 to IRS:

Five Star Settled for $4,500 Dollars

Rosa Owed $38,000 to IRS

Five Star Settled for $200 Dollars


I was going to write a check for 17,000 to the IRS after an audit. I wanted to get a second opinion so I called Five Star they reviewed all the info regarding my case and Attorney Young appealed my audit. When it was all over I didn’t owe anything to the IRS. Thanks to Five Star Tax knowing the tax laws. I’m so glad I didn’t have to give the IRS my hard earned money.
Alfred- St. Petersburg, FL
8/13/2015 – Best experience I’ve ever had with a tax attorney! After the IRS hit me with an audit and told me I owed more than $50k, I talked to Art at Five Star Tax Resolution. Turned out my previous tax guy screwed up and when it was all said and done, I owed the IRS nothing.

These guys know tax laws. Talk to these guys before you pay the IRS anything.

Andy C.- Los Angeles, CA
9/25/15 – Five Star Tax was incredible. They were prompt, courteous, and extremely efficient. They saved my family over $25,000. I would highly recommend them to anyone who has tax problems with the IRS.
Jennifer W.- Charlotte, NC
I hired Five Star to help me out. It took a couple of months to get done but I was happy with the settlement $200. First I thought that it was really low and asked why so little. They told me that they have done this for many people so I let them handle it. I would recommend them because they were always available when I called always answered all my questions and they did what they said they were going to do. WONDERFUL Great service, thorough, and quick. Did all the work for me. Superior!!!
Debi E.- Monrovia, CA