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Who We Are

Five Star Tax Resolution has been meeting our client’s needs when it comes to dealing with the federal tax laws. Thanks to our team of tax attorneys who are familiar with every aspect of the Internal Revenue Code. The tax needs of our clients, corporations and individuals have been met. The firm has been involved in unique and complex tax situations on behalf of the taxpayers from its beginning.

What We Do

We provide many services, including reducing IRS tax debt, audit defense, payroll tax, and sales tax. If you need anything tax-related, rest assured that our tax attorney can work with you to find a solution.

Our Process

The first step is free! Simply call us at (800) 516-5917 to receive a free consultation from a tax expert. We will explain the IRS programs that are available. Answer any questions you may have regarding the process and develop a plan on how to resolve your taxes today!

Why Choose Us

Our staff of Tax Attorneys are dedicated to making sure that the process of dealing with the IRS goes as smooth as possible. We believe in the value of building client relationship’s our success is dependent on yours. The customer is always first.


We have had thousands of happy clients. Here are some of their own words.

I was going to write a check for 17,000 to the IRS after an audit. I wanted to get a second opinion so I called Five Star they reviewed all the info regarding my case and Attorney Young appealed my audit. When it was all over I didn’t owe anything to the IRS. Thanks to Five Star Tax knowing the tax laws. I’m so glad I didn’t have to give the IRS my hard earned money.

Alfred St. Petersburg, Fl

8/13/2015 Best experience I've ever had with a tax attorney! After the IRS hit me with an audit and told me I owed more than $50k, I talked to Art at Five Star Tax Resolution. Turned out my previous tax guy screwed up and when it was all said and done, I owed the IRS nothing. These guys know tax laws. Talk to these guys before you pay the IRS anything.

Andy C. Los Angeles, CA

I hired Five Star to help me out. It took a couple of months to get done but I was happy with the settlement $200. First I thought that it was really low and asked why so little. They told me that they have done this for many people so I let them handle it. I would recommend them because they were always available when I called always answered all my questions and they did what they said they were going to do.

WONDERFUL Great service, thorough, and quick. Did all the work for me. Superior!!!

Debi E.

They are the Best!!! I was not sure how to get my tax situation resolved. I had spoke to a couple of other tax people that dealt with situation as mine, but did not feel the confidence that I felt with Five Star.... Excellent job. Executed as quickly as possible. Can't say enough good things about them!

Kevin T. San Jose, CA

9/25/15 Five Star Tax was incredible. They were prompt, courteous, and extremely efficient. They saved my family over $25,000. I would highly recommend them to anyone who has tax problems with the IRS.

Jennifer W. Charlotte, NC

6/23/15 I had a fairly complex problem involving a business in bankruptcy and personal taxes that were a mess. They helped me compile all the needed information and were very patient with me. They even went back several years on my personal federal taxes and got me a massive refund. If you have a tax problem these are the people to see. Ethical, professional and thorough.

Mike F. Duarte, CA